Thursday, 6 September 2012

Can councils put their differences to one side to help protect Glenfield Children's Cardiac Surgery?

Over the past few months one issue above all others has resonated with people around Leicestershire (and further afield) of all backgrounds and political persuasions, that is the outrageous proposal to close the Children's Cardiac Surgery unit at Glenfield Hospital.

Over recent weeks, whilst experts have clearly stated that up to 50 children will lose their lives as a result of the measure, more than 64,000 people have signed an e-petition calling for the decision to be reversed.

Regrettably the then Health Secretary maintained a stance that closure would go ahead.

This week however those campaigning against the closure, of which I admit I am a relative latecomer, were dealt a glimmer of hope.

The appointment of a new Secretary of State for Health in the shape of Jeremy Hunt means that there is a real opportunity for Government to take a fresh look at the decision and hopefully listen to the views of local people.

On Tuesday 18th September North West Leicestershire District Council will gather for its next scheduled meeting.

I have taken the opportunity to table the following motion to Council:

I truly hope that local politicians of all parties can put partisan views to one side to stand united in calling for lifesaving common sense to prevail.

I would strongly urge all councils in Leicester and Leicestershire to consider a similar motion.

Together councillors of all parties can stand united with local people and maybe by putting our collective civic weight behind the call we can have a positive effect in Mr Hunt reconsidering.

Anyone wishing to sign the e-petition can do so by clicking HERE.

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