Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Performance slides at NWLDC

If you speak to any North West Leicestershire Tory councillor at some point you will be fed the line that Conservatives are able to continue to deliver highly effective services as they and their masters in Westminster cut and cut and cut.

Of course the truth is somewhat contrary to the Tory line a report out this week paints a very different picture of performance at NWLDC.

The quarterly performance management report for the first three months of financial year 2012/13, due to be considered by Cabinet on 21 August, shows that more 'Council Delivery Plan' indicators are failing to meet their target than at any time since this format of the report was introduced.

The report shows that around a third (11 out of 34) of key targets are being missed this compares to 5 at the same time last year.

Targets that have been missed include:
  • Falling short of predicted membership income at Hermitage and Hood Park Leisure Centres.
  • Missing recycling and composting targets.
  • Checking planning applications.
  • Failing to process Housing and Council Tax Benefit applications quickly enough.
  • Missing out on projected visitor numbers at Moira Furnace Museum.
  • Customers using the complaint process being increasingly disatisfied.
At the same time staff sickness absence is worsening being at it's highest level since the report began.

North West Leicestershire has some amazing staff who work tremendously hard to make the district a better place to live but the simple fact is they are swimming against the tide.

For all their talk of localism the Tory-lead coalition are hell-bent on decimating local government and the increase in failing to meet key targets is a clear example of the results.

If you want to read the report yourself you can do so by clicking here and clicking on agenda item 8 (although it does seem that link to the report is currently not working).


  1. Tories are fundamentally opposed to any form of public service - and locally we are seeing the results of this philosophy. The problem our side has is convincing the electorate you don't get owt for nowt!

    There will be further £2m cuts to NWL services by 2015 + a council tax hike for the poor. In 2013.

  2. The statistics on 'failing to process benefits' in a timely manner hide so much distress.

    Some of the cabinet were previously reported as saying they and their kind don't use council services.

    While that is clearly self-delusional, it does suggest they don't value either the services or the people that use or provide them.