Friday, 10 August 2012

Council Tax Benefit - Online Consultation

The Tory-lead Government are making changes to the way council tax benefit is calculated.

From April 2013 all councils have been told that the national benefit scheme will end and in its place local schemes for determination must be introduced.

In other words it will be up to local councils to decide who qualifies for council tax benefit (with certain exemptions, such as pensioners, who will continue to qualify for their current levels).

To make things more complicated historically the bill for council tax benefit has been paid for by central government, not out of the council's coffers.

Government have said however that from next April they will only pay to councils 90% of the current bill.

As a result it is inevitable that many people who currently receive council tax benefit will receive considerably less and consequently will have a much larger council tax bill to pay.

It is expected that many hardworking families who currently receive help will see their bill increase by up to 20% next year.

The poorest families are likely to see their bills increase the most.

NWLDC is still to finalise its scheme for benefit and is asking your views on who should be required to pay more or less.

An online consultation has been set up for you to air your views which can be accessed by clicking here.

Please take the time to complete the consultation.

It is sad but true that due to the actions of Tories and LibDems many many local families all around the district are going to suffer even more next April.

We must ensure we have the fairest scheme in to mitigate this harshest of cuts.

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