Thursday, 28 June 2012

The need for action on Talbot Street

Over the past two weeks I have been contacted by a number of residents of The Avenue, Talbot Street in Whitwick about a problem.

Their predicament, like many residents of Whitwick and Thringstone, is speeding traffic. But their problem has a twist.

You see because their homes are elevated from the road and access is somewhat obscured residents really do take their lives into their hands every time they go out and every time they return.

I stood at the end of their cul-de-sac for just twenty minutes during rush hour and witnessed just how bad things are.

So I undertook to contact Leicestershire County Council to ask them to take action.

Unfortunately today the County Council wrote to me to inform me that as, according to their records, there has only been one accident in the past three years and so they were not able to even look at the problem.

Now I have two questions about this reply.

Firstly, do highways have a full record of all accidents which have taken place or just those reported to the police?

Secondly, is it right to completely disregard the long history of accidents which have happened at this dangerous spot?

I would like to take this opportunity to say to the residents of The Avenue, the County Council and to all residents of Whitwick and Thringstone that I won't be deterred by a first letter of rejection from the highways department.

I will continue to fight for local people and the matters that matter to them.

I have already asked for this issue to be listed for the next meeting of Whitwick Parish Council so that we can move this matter forward.

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