Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Coalville Community Forum - Decision Night

Each year Leicestershire County Council makes an amount of money available to local communities to spend on local projects.

This year the Coalvile Community Forum has £15,000 available to award to groups bidding for grant funding in this area.

10 groups from around Coalville have put forward projects which they believe would be beneficial to our community. Projects vary widely (and all have some merit), from funding requests from Community Baking Groups through to Renovation of Scout Headquarters.

But which projects receive funding isn't decided behind closed doors it is decided by you, local residents, during the Community Forum Decision Night, to be held on 20 June at Newbridge High School.

All local residents have a chance to attend the decision night but due to numbers you must book a place.

You can book your ticket by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you can't make it to decision night, there is the opportunity for you (using the link above) to give your views on which projects you think are most deserving of funding.

As the amount of money available to community groups from funding sources becomes smaller and smaller it is vitally important that whatever money is available goes to projects which our community decides are most deserving.

Please take the time to either attend decision night or leave a comment.

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