Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NWLDC Tory Motto - If at first you don't succeed set the bar lower?

The Tory administration at North West Leicestershire continue to tell us how well the Council is performing.

One of the ways they do this is by having a performance management system in which they set targets for all of the 'important' areas in which they expect to see improvement.

We all know that demand for housing is a big issue in the district and so a key target for 2011/12 has been a measure of how many long term empty homes are brought back into use.

For this measure the Conservatives set a 'challenging' target of 30 homes.

Sounds so good so far?

Well, let us look a little deeper.

30 homes represents less than 5% of the total number of empty homes in the district. Hardly challenging is it?

But how many in the past year have been brought back into use?

You guessed it - the answer is 0!

It's an epic failure by the Tories.

So you would envisage that if the measure of bringing empty homes into use is so important to be incorporated into the performance management system then the authority would redouble it's effort in the upcoming financial year?

But the answer is no. At the Coalville Community Forum held earlier this evening when I asked the question what next years target would be I was told that provisionally it was being set at just 5 homes!

That's right the challenging target for 2012/13 is set to be less than 1% of empty homes in the district.

It seems to me that the Tory motto should be 'if at first you don't succeed set the bar lower'!

How do we take the ability to manage of this Tory administration seriously?

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