Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let's start being positive about Coalville

If you are reading this you probably know that in addition to writing a blog I also tweet.

When I tweet one of the things I like to do is search for a keyword and one of the keywords I regularly search for is 'Coalville'. I like to know what other people are saying about our town.

Now apart from learning what the weather is like in Coalville, Utah (it's usually cold) one of the things you most often read is our Coalville, or even its people, are rubbish.

Now this gets me mad.

The worst thing is the comments usually come from people who live in Coalville.

Now I would never suggest that Coalville is like Stratford on Avon or some other well heeled hamlet and yes we do need regeneration BUT I am also very proud of our town.

We have a rich vein of history, a wide variety of things to do and some of the warmest and nicest people around.

We are blessed with fantastic countryside just minutes from the town centre. We have a football team which less than a year ago was playing at Wembley. We have a word class industrial museum and we have a wonderful theatre and cinema which has only recently been refurbished.

We have an historic manor house. We have public art and an exemplary community radio station. We have beautifully maintained parks to while away an hour.

We have restaurants, cafes and a range of affordable shops to get a bargain.

If all we can do is run our town down what opinion can we expect non-residents to have of us?

How can we expect major national retail chains to want to move here if all we do is run the place down?

We need to recognise that Coalville and its surrounding villages are great places to live and we need to start talking up our town.

It's not to say we shouldn't strive for a better future for our town but I believe everyone of us needs to be ambassadors for Coalville right here right now.

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