Sunday, 18 March 2012

Friends of Thringstone Litter Pick

Dave Everitt and I had a pleasant morning yesterday as we turned out for the Friends of Thringstone Litter Pick.

With the fantastic help of the local Air Cadets, Friends of Thringstone managed to collect 38 bags of litter along with a variety of discarded carpets, cushions and televisions.

Dave and I don't just attend meetings on behalf of Thringstone residents. We are committed to supporting the village in practical ways - not just at election time but throughout the 4 year term.

If you ever have a problem which you would like to tell your Councillor about then don't hesitate to contact us.


  1. Your doing a great job Leon, keep up the good work! I may not agree with all your politics but I can see you are putting other Councillor's to shame.

    1. Thanks Jakob.

      The first priority of any councillor must be to serve their ward to the best of their ability. That's all I try to do.