Thursday, 23 February 2012

Faith Tax E-Petition

Back on the 28 January I blogged about the arrival of a 'Catholic Tax', a plan by Leicestershire County Council to charge parents of children attending faith schools £490 per year for a bus pass.

Many people have expressed their outrage to me and to give people a chance to register their protest I have created an e-petition on the Council Council website.

You can sign the e-petition by clicking here.

If you believe that Leicestershire County Council should not remove the current assistance with bus passes then please sign the e-petition and remember to tell all of your friends and other contacts.

Petitions DO work but ONLY if they have widespread support.

The results of the e-petition will be reported to the Council Cabinet in May but the actual petition closes on 2 April so time is of the essence if we want to influence the future of faith school transport.

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