Sunday, 15 January 2012

Parish Council Logo

Whitwick Parish Council has now been up and running for nearly a year.

One of the areas of work that the council has been looking at is developing an identity and therefore a logo.

The adoption of a logo is to be discussed at the Parish Council this coming Thursday, 19 January.

You can see the selection of proposed logos on the Parish Council's website by clicking here.

The designers, Quiet Storm,  have kindly agreed to come up with a logo (at no cost) which reflects Whitwicks heritage of mining, forest and castle.

I would love to be able to put forward the views of local people at the meeting.

Why not vote in the poll on this blog or leave a comment letting me know which logo you prefer?

UPDATE: Many thanks for all of your comments and web poll votes.

You told me that your favorite designs were option 5 and option 8 and I put these views to the parish council on Thursday evening.

As is only right other parish councillors had consulted with local residents and also offered their views and after a debate option 7 was selected as the new parish council logo.

Although I voted for option 5, in line with the most popular of your votes, I believe it is great that we now have a visual symbol for the parish council which I am sure will be a big step forward in developing our formal identity over the years to come.


  1. Hi Leon,

    I must say I do like your blog it's very interesting. This is a great example of local Councillors using different media to stay in touch with there constituents. Its a shame that you are about the only one doing this.

  2. Hi Jay,

    thanks for your kind comment.

    Obviously from time to time I get a bit political but I also aim to try and keep the community informed.

    It's a difficult balance (and I don't always get it right) but I'm glad you enjoy it.