Sunday, 8 January 2012

Let's keep some perspective

Over the past few days we have seen politicians of various colours making politically incorrect, and let's face it - offensive, gaffes.

Let me be clear the comments of Diane Abbott - giving an inflammatory view on race, and David Cameron - showing a distinct lack of awareness on debilitating medical conditions were completely wrong and not acceptable from anyone, let alone leading politicians. (I certainly wouldn't categorise Ed Miliband's 'Blackbusters' typo in the same vein.)

But we must keep some perspective. Each gaffee (if that is the right word) has now apologised for their mistake and we must consider the wider implications.

Leading politicians (and anyone else in public life) are now scrutinised more than ever before. We live with 24 hour news cycles (which constantly need filling), instant contact through social media and not least political opponents constantly on the search for the latest double meaning.

It is no wonder that under such scrutiny from time to time a politician drops a clanger. But the question is should we be shouting for their resignation or sacking every time they do?

The answer is that unless the gaffe is so heinous to be morally reprehensible then of course not.

I may disagree with his politics but I do not believe that Mr Cameron is a bad person because of an ill-judged quip. Similarly I don't believe that a 140 character gaffe makes Diane Abbott a lesser constituency MP or front bench spokesperson.

It is precisely because we live in a time of such scrutiny that we must take care to overreact to individual faux pas.

It has never been more important that we now consider the whole picture when we consider our politicians. Otherwise we will get to a stage where we either don't have any politicians left or otherwise they will be so bland that they never say anything worth listening to.

It's time to move on...

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  1. Diane Abbott is Racist yet its allowed because she isnt white what a sad country we live in