Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Is Councillor Bayliss Scaremongering or worse?

In case you might have missed it the Tory lead government have been talking recently about the 'major' problem of council house subletting - where a council tenant seeks a profit by subletting their home to a third party.

Apparently it's so much of a problem that the Tories are making the act a criminal offence.

And it's so much of a problem in North West Leicestershire that Councillor Roger Bayliss, NWLDC Portfolio Holder for Housing has now stated twice that:

'There are people in desperate need of housing on the waiting list in North West Leicestershire and it cannot be right that current tenants are profiting at the expense of both those in need of housing and the Council taxpayers in North West Leicestershire.'

But it turns out that Councillor Bayliss might not have painted the full picture...

At last nights meeting Labour Coucillor Ron Adams asked the simply question 'how many incidences of subletting of council housing in North West Leicestershire have been proved SINCE 2008?'

Guess what the answer was.... go on, guess?

Yes, that's right, there have been 0 proven incidences of subletting in the past 4 years!

Now certainly I would not suggest that sub-letting  is not a problem in urban areas, I'm sure it is BUT for Councillor Bayliss as Portfolioholder for Housing to make this statement in the face of zero evidence is scaremongering, arguably misleading and certainly offensive to the many tenants who he has sought to denigrate.

He should apologise.

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