Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Christmas Message

I sit and type this on Christmas Eve morning with a cup of strong coffee, Taylors of Harrogate Christmas Blend if you are interested (it's very nice), and I contemplate the upcoming horrors of the 'food shop'.

We haven't yet even begun to contemplate the Christmas Dinner. What meat to have? What about veg? Don't forget the crackers!

You could argue that this is last minute but my argument is that it would have been done earlier, however yesterday was lost to buying the presents!

It's been hectic over the past few weeks. Clare has been snowed under at school, I'm busy trying to balance work, school governor and council business AND it seems like there have been more Christmas shows from the kids than ever before.

Now though we have the time to get properly ready for Christmas and the spirit and peace is coming down on me.

Truth be told I haven't given Christmas much thought over the past few weeks and certainly haven't prepared (the Christmas tree only went up on Monday). Christmas isn't going to be the Kinkade perfection you see in those dreadful oil paintings but it doesn't matter.

Christmas is a time for just being. Being with family. Being with friends and loved ones. Being happy.

I truly hope you are more prepared than I, but whether you are or not, I hope that you take the time to be.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


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