Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Car Parking Charges

Councillor Nick Clarke, our spokesperson for Business and Economic Regeneration has asked me to put the following media release on this blog.


Local politician launches petition against hikes to car park charges

A local politician has today launched a petition against proposed increases to car park fees in North West Leicestershire.

Councillor Nick Clarke, Labour spokesperson for business and economic regeneration, said ‘The Conservative administration at London Road have proposed major changes to parking charges on council car parks in response to their efficiency program.’

Councillor Clarke continued ‘At a time when families are finding it tough to make ends meet businesses throughout North West Leicestershire are struggling. Now is not the time to deter local people from using our towns and villages.’

At a Cabinet meeting of North West Leicestershire District Council on 18 October proposals were approved for consultation to increase long stay parking charges (3 hours and above), extend chargeable hours, introduce an overnight charge and to instigate a feasibility study to introduce charging to other currently free car parks throughout the district.

Councillor Clarke said ‘Huge numbers of local people and business owners have expressed to me their deep concern about the effect that increasing parking charges will have. Irreparable damage could well be caused to retailers, our night time economy and the service sector throughout the district as a result of these changes.’

Councillor Clarke continued ‘At worst these increases will contribute to numerous businesses being forced to close, at best we will see significant problems with increased on-street parking. Whichever way you look at it these Tory proposals will be bad for North West Leicestershire.’

Labour party members will be collecting signatures to the petition throughout the district over the coming weeks or alternatively e-signatures may be made to an e-petition which will available through the district councils website.

31 October 2011

I will post a link to the e-petition just as soon as I have it.

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