Saturday, 20 August 2011

Talbot Lane - An update

You may recall that back in February I, along with the then District Councillors for Thringstone Dave Everitt and Ray Woodward, expressed our views on the hazards that are faced daily on Talbot Lane by both residents and motorists.

For those that do not know Talbot Lane it is a relatively minor, but busy, road which skirts Thringstone. It is also a fast road - particularly where it spurs off Talbot Street as on the face of it you are going downhill and have a seemingly clear view.

The only problem is that oncoming traffic also have the same driving conditions.

The result: the potential for traffic picking up speed and meeting at the hollow in the middle with dangerous consequences.

Now, Leicestershire County Council have tried to address the problem by building traffic calming measures. The have installed priority filtering and road narrowing as well as an illuminated sign.

Look closely on the lower photo and you can see the sign, which perfectly illustrates the problem.

You see, for at least 50% of the time (I was called out by a resident and we stood watching traffic for an hour) motorists don't slow down for the filter - they race to beat each other through it!

Of course the traffic calming doesn't make the situation safer in these cases, it makes it worse. The resident I spoke to informed me that on a least 5 occasions he has witnessed kerbs mounted at high speed or bollards knocked down.

I believe that traffic calming is needed on this spot (as it is working for around 50% of the time) but what we have currently is not sufficient. I would suggest that the County Council consider installing a table in addition to current measures to further slow traffic down.

I am conscious, however, that I am not an expert in traffic calming and so would not profess to know exactly what measures should be used, mine is simply a suggestion.

What I do know without doubt however is that the current measures are not sufficient.

Highways are a County Council issue and I would therefore call on our County Councillor, Tony Gillard, to take this regularly reported matter forward to County Hall.

I noticed in a recent edition of The Coalville Times that Cllr Gillard had been successful in dealing with a similar matter in Whitwick, I call on him to do the same for Talbot Lane.


  1. Your doing a grand job!

    1. Ah but Tony Gillard is doing a great job and gets lots of support around here for getting results. Not just talking about issues like you lot.

    2. And of course he should get all of the credit he is due for the speed cushions on Church Lane.

      Thanks for the comment.