Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rose and Crown, The Green, Thringstone

The Rose and Crown has been a fixture of Thringstone life since the 1840's, but as we all know in an ever changing society which has witnessed the widespread closing of pubs the Rose and Crown shut its doors for the last time two years ago.

There have been rumours circulating around the village for many months as to what will happen with the Rose and Crown next and one potential answer is now on the table.

A planning application has recently been made to North West Leicestershire District Council to demolish the pub and replace it with a 'A1 retail unit, associated access and car parking' (in other words a convenience store operating 7 days a week).

Full details of the application can be found at the link below:


I have already asked that this application be 'called in' for consideration by planning committee as I believe that whether it is approved or not will have a significant effect on the life of our village in the coming years. I also believe that local people have a right to voice their opinions about the application.

It is my intention to speak, as ward member, to planning committee when the application is heard to represent the aspirations of the residents of Thringstone.

However, at the present time I am open-minded about the application.

I am sure local people will have views and I would love to hear them in order that I can represent my constituents to the best of my ability.

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