Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New district signs - the true cost

A couple of days ago I wrote about the new signs adorning the district highlighting the fact that motorists were now entering 'North West Leicestershire'.

I queried that whether in these tough economic times (when cuts are the norm) had taxpayer money been used on frivolities rather than essential services?

I now have the truth.

The total cost of our admittedly eyecatching signs was £16,718.40 (inc. VAT).

It's true that a contribution of £3,097.20 was made from the National Forest.

But once one takes into account the authorities VAT exemption our District Council have spent £10,834.80 of Council Taxpayer money on signs.

To put that into perspective that equates to the total Council Tax paid by more than 100 homes to North West Leicestershire* this year.

My question therefore is this:

Did we really need signs so badly that when essential services are being cut we had to spend the equivalent of more than 100 hard working, and in many cases struggling, families Council Tax to buy them?

I will be asking the Conservative  administration to answer this one simple question.

*Based on a Band A property

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  1. Crazy, crazy, crazy amount of money! Why do we need the new signs? All we need is for the old signs to be cleand up.