Monday, 11 July 2011

New district signs - but what are the costs?

I don't know if you have seen our new roadsigns yet when you enter North West Leicestershire but if you have missed them they are very nice.

The signs have been installed at some of the 'key entrances' to the District and establish in the words of Councillor Alison Smith 'a clear identity for North West Leicestershire'.

Clearly this is done by telling us (for example) that Ibstock has been making bricks for absolutely years - as it says on one sign.

Whilst this is great I am not sure that anyone living in the district would be unaware of the fact and furthermore I'm not absolutely certain that a sign would help to promote tourism or encourage new business, unless of course there is a passing delegation of brick enthusiasts...

Despite my slightly facetious comments it does not bother me that we have new signs.

What does strongly concern me is how much have they cost at a time when services are being cut and we are all facing a period of austerity?

Can we honestly say that these signs are needed when people are losing their jobs?

Have our Conservative administration at Whitwick Road spent money on frivolities when that same money is needed for essential services?

The official press release for the new signs says:

'The District Council is proud to be working in partnership with the National Forest Company, whose support has helped us to install and finance our new signs.'

Whilst it appears that the NFC have assisted financing the signs the fact that the word 'helped' is used implies that there has been a direct cost to the taxpayers of the district.

I am currently trying to ascertain the true cost of these signs and will feedback as soon as I have further information...

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  1. We need to invest more into North West Leicestershire by giving the money that would be used for the signs to organisations the are a the point of falling.