Sunday, 5 June 2011

Leaders week - preparation for cabinet and council

As Leader of the Labour Group I have previously said that I would post regular personal blog entries outlining what I have been up to in my role.

This week has mostly seen preparations begin for the next council cycle of cabinet and full council.
  • I have received a briefing from the Monitoring Officer on various constitutional and process issues.
  • Along with our Shadow Cabinet member for Housing and Customer Services I have received a briefing from the Director of Services.
  • I have undertaken consultation and preparations to formally respond to outline terms of reference for Policy Development Group.
  • Begun preparations for submitting pertinent member questions to full council.
  • Arranged with the Chief Executive assistance with promoting surgeries (on a non-political basis for all members) should councillors wish to undertake them. I should add that surgeries have historically had different levels of effectiveness in different areas and some councillors conduct other effective methods of conducting casework with their constituents and therefore surgeries are not always pertinent, however, where they are it is fantastic that we will receive support in promoting them.
  • Arranged to speak at planning committee in respect of proposed development at The Fox site, Thringstone. It should be noted that on this issue I will be speaking as a ward member and not as group leader. It is my intention to speak in favour of the proposed developments whilst supporting sufficient planning conditions to ensure that neighbours are not detrimentally affected throughout the construction and operational phases.
In addition to the actions outlined above as Leader of the Labour Group I have also been asked to provide comment by local media in respect of the election petition recently made against Council Leader, Cllr Richard Blunt. I have released the comment below on this matter which I think is self explanatory:

'An election petition is a private matter between the petitioner and respondent. The Labour group will await the outcome with interest but will not be making further comments on how this petition may affect Cllr Blunt's membership of North West Leicestershire District or Leicestershire County Councils.'
All in all it's been another busy week but hopefully we have started to make small but significant steps to being an effective opposition for the benefit of our community.

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  1. Any update on the Election petition?