Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Government of Dilettantes?

Margaret Thatcher was a Prime Minister who evoked emotion.

Looking back on her in her pomp noone was apathetic about her. She was either a heroine or something akin to Satan - it's fair to say everyone had a view.

It would probably surprise very few to know that (and I will put this mildly) I wasn't a very big fan.

Now as much as I disliked Mrs Thatcher there is no doubt you knew where you stood with her.

Remember the famous line 'the lady isn't for turning'?

All I can say is that it is a good job she hasn't passed away because if she had she would be spinning furiously right now.

Have we ever seen a government which takes U-turns with such regularity?

Today it's the anouncement that the government are reversing their plans to reduce prison tariffs where the accused pleads 'guilty' at an early stage in the trial process.

Below we see a list of just some of the most notable about-faces this government have taken in only a year of being in power:

  • School sports partnerships
  • Forestry commission sell-off
  • NHS reform
  • Cancelling free school milk
  • Gaol for those caught carrying knifes
  • Danny Alexanders 'no negotiation' ultimatum
  • Prison sentence reform
Of course, what you will be told is that the government have listened and made adult decisions.

It's not a simple as that. Any responsible government should do the listening before going off half-cocked with ill thought out policies which cause distress and consternation to the general public.

We haven't got a listening government, what we have is a bunch of dilettantes...

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  1. Blimey, just realised I forgot the weekly bin fiasco from my u-turn list...