Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Fox site developments approved

Last night the Planning Committee at North West Leicestershire District Council considered an application to demolish The Fox public house in Thringstone and in its place develop a care home for elderly people.

This application has been on the books at the council for some time.

In fact the application was first made in 2008, however, local people (and neighbours in particular) raised some serious and real concerns about many aspects of the proposals, not least regarding sewerage, parking, local wildlife and the general look and overbearing nature of the building.

After three years the developers have listened to these objections and come back with a much better solution that addresses each of the pertinent issues. This in itself is a great example of the real power that neighbours have when they raise their objections to unacceptable development proposals.

Last night I spoke in favour of the application at the planning committee. Whilst I understand that some local people still have a few reservations I am encouraged that the use of planning conditions (numbering around 30) in the application will ensure that the worst worries will be averted.

I am pleased to say that the application was passed subject to those planning conditions.

The construction of the care home will not only remove an eyesore, which is regularly subject to vandalism, from our village but in the long run will bring around 70 jobs to Thringstone and will prove to be a boost to local suppliers.

I hope that the care home will prove to be a real boost to our community.

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