Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's been a very busy week

I just realised it's nearly a week since I posted an entry on my blog, very unlike me, however it's been a very busy week.

Aside from regular parenting duties it's been very busy with casework  in Thringstone ward. This week alone I've been liaising with officers and councillors on issues as varied as public waste bins and road safety through to investigating the possibilities of establishing tenants associations and credit unions. It's only two weeks since the elections but I'm hoping to move forward on these issues in the coming weeks and months.

We also had the inaugural meeting of Whitwick Parish Council. Understandably much of that first meeting was about housekeeping and the handover from the idea stage to what is now a fully fledged council.

The refreshing point however is that everybody is very optimistic. Councillors have a real desire to work for the village and that many were sat in the public seating area reflects that that view is shared amongst local people. I believe that the parish council will really be a positive benefit to the residents of Whitwick in the coming years.

Perhaps most notably I was very honored to be elected as Leader of the Labour Group at the District Council on Thursday night.

Following the local election Labour now have the strength to be a serious opposition to the Conservative administration for the benefit of local people. We can scrutinise and challenge the Tories when it is necessary but we can also influence and work with them for the better good of the district.

It's going to be a big role in these tough economic times but with the support of a team of dedicated and professional councillors working with me we really can Labour to the next level and make North West Leicestershire a better place to live.

Now, I have a scarecrow to make (more on this later)...


  1. Peter Gough Landlord George and Dragon.Saturday, May 21, 2011

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ELECTED STATUS Leon,perhaps you may fined time to pop down to the George and dragon to address the lighting and footpath issues we have as promised in your manifesto,regards Peter Gough landlord

  2. Hi Peter. I would be happy to. I will pop down in the week. Leon