Friday, 6 May 2011

District Election Results - A reflection...

As I sit here typing I've been reflecting on the past 36 hours.

36 hours of 'getting out the vote', standing outstide polling stations, bacon sandwiches in the middle of the night, waiting, elation and commiseration.

The cold hard facts are that I along with my Labour Party colleague Dave Everitt were elected as District Councillors for Thringstone.

Labour increased our total number of seats on North West Leicestershire District Council from 5 to 16, taking 6 seats from the Conservatives, 2 BNP, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent.

The Tories still have a narrow overall majority, but the voters of North West Leicestershire have shown their trust in Labour by allowing us to create a strong and effective opposition. Challenging and scrutinising the administration where necessary and working with them in developing a better district.

The past 36 hours, however, have been a great deal more than cold hard facts.

There has been some wonderfully funny moments - just one example:

Yesterday whilst standing outside a polling station, rosette on lapel, it brought a smile to my face when a voter started shouting at me in all sorts of colourful language saying he would 'never ******* vote Labour', only to come out a moment later to say that he wasn't on the '******* electoral register, do you have any suggestions'???? I did think of one, but kept it to myself...

There was sadness in trying to commiserate friends and colleagues. Potentially outstanding councillors who had worked tirelessly in election campaigns only to be pipped at the post in alarmingly close circumstances. I hope with all my heart they will be back to try again.

There was genuine emotion in saying farewell to some dedicated and experienced councillors of different political parties, not least our own Felix Fenning (and maybe a wry smile at the departure of one or two).

And of course there was elation as name after name was called out for us...

Labour has put forward a team of truly dedicated candidates with an imaginative and realistic agenda for the next four years.

Dave and I fervently hope we can now contribute to forming a positive opposition for the benefit of all residents of Thringstone and North West Leicestershire.

Thank you to those who voted for us, and even if you did not we will try to represent you with honesty and integrity to the best of our ability.

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