Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Contact Details

A key tenet of Labours election campaign was that we would be councillors representing all of our voters not just at election time but throughout the entire period of our four year terms.

We said that we would publish contact details where you could reach us at any reasonable time.

For me this is more than just having our details on a council website but proactively getting this information out to you through a variety of sources should you need to get in touch in a hurry.

My details are:

Telephone: 07828 194768 (please no later than 10.00pm)

E-mail: leon.spence@btinternet.com (this may change once a NWLDC e-mail has been set up)

Please be assured whenever you contact me and I act on your behalf I will keep you informed how your case is progressing.

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