Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What will your Councillor do for you?

Over the coming weeks residents of Thringstone (and other towns and villages in the district) will be inundated with election candidates posting flyers, knocking on doors and telephoning them asking for their vote.

One of the most common comments I get on the doorstep around the district is 'we only hear from our councillors when there is an election and then they disappear'.

There is no doubt that this is a widely held belief and in some cases it is a belief that true.

Anyone standing for the position of councillor needs to be able to challenge this view and the only way to do so will be for the candidate to put their words into actions.

That is why all your local Labour candidates are making a pledge of accessibility in the run up to May 5th.

We believe we need to be clear about what the electorate can expect from us.

If we are elected we pledge to represent all of the people in our wards, not just the ones who voted for us.

We will make sure that we are accessible to residents and community groups by publishing telephone numbers and e-mail addresses where you can contact us at any reasonable time.

We will make sure that we respond to any contact from residents of our wards and will endeavour to keep you informed on how your case is progressing when we intercede on your behalf.

Perhaps most importantly we will pledge to represent you at Council by regular attendance at meetings.

It's also important that members of the community can take part in the democratic process and so if we take control of the Council we will ensure that meetings are held at reasonable times taking into account members of the public who wish to attend.

Labour will also move to webcast Council meetings, so if you are interested and have access to the internet you will be able watch meetings from your own home.

Can I ask you a favour?

When you get a knock on the door from your various election candidates ask them how they plan to represent you?

Are they as clear on what they will do if they become your councillor as Labour are?

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