Friday, 29 April 2011

Proposed Hustings

As the District Council elections rapidly approach Dave Everitt and I, your local Labour Candidates, have been discussing whether local people have had a real chance to question us and the other party candidates about our views on how we should represent Thringstone.

As such we are proposing that a hustings should be held next Wednesday night (venue to be confirmed) in order that we can be questioned by and listen to local residents.

This is an invitation to all candidates standing in Thringstone ward to take part in the hustings. We all have a lot to say about why we care for the village and our aspirations for the future of the district. It would be great if we all could take part to lay out our positive visions.

To take part either leave a comment or e-mail me at


  1. I have received a query by e-mail.

    For anyone unsure of the term hustings I should have clarified it as an open meeting where all candidate have an opportunity to speak.

  2. The normal way is someone independent to the candidates sets it up and invites all candidates in writing all in good time. If the event you have mentioned in your blog goes ahead it would be a joke but then thats what we often expect from the Labour Party.

  3. Thanks for your comment.

    I absolutely agree that ideally hustings should be organised independently.

    When I sought to set up such an event for the benefit of the community I contacted directly all candidates for whom e-mail addresses were available to inform them (regrettably there was not enough time to write by post).

    The Conservatives, to their credit, initially expressed an interest in taking part (although unfortunately they later had to decline).

    Whilst I was willing to organise the venue I explicitly advised the Conservative candidate that we needed an impartial facilitator to ensure a fair balance.

    The key point is that both Dave Everitt and myself were keen to have an unbiased chairperson as we are confident that our debating skills would be sufficient to get our points across without the need for having to denigrate our opponents.

  4. Lets be honest standing for Labour in Thringstone you done really have any opponents Cllr Spence

  5. Yes, Thringstone has historically voted Labour however that doesn't mean we can take our voters or village for granted.

    Both Dave Everitt and myself want to be the best possible advocates for Thringstone and try to represent local people irrespective of whether they vote for us or not.