Thursday, 28 April 2011

Labour - working for children and families

It's the school holidays and as I have been walking around delivering leaflets and knocking on doors it is impossible not to notice that children are bored.

The worst aspects of this is an undoubted increase in anti-social and dangerous behaviour, for example the recent spate of fires being set in Grace Dieu woods which not only put walkers and the woods in danger but cost significant amounts in terms of fire service and police resources.

Such activities cannot be tolerated and I, of course, encourage the police to do everything they can to catch the culprits and thank the fire service for their prompt attention each time they are called upon.

However Labour realise that the council also has a role to play in engaging with children and young people, that's why we are making pledges directly relating to them and their families in the run up to the election.

Labour will campaign to ensure that all communities will have access to a
range of children’s play facilities.

Labour will ensure that the existing resources of the council are used to
promote healthy initiatives. We will liaise with every school in the district to
develop and improve ‘walking buses’ and other healthy and
environmentally sustainable initiatives.

We want our communities to be fit and healthy and as such we will move
quickly to introduce a subsidised swim scheme for children and elderly

Labour believes that the arts are an important part of a community’s
wellbeing and we will work to increase opportunities to access arts events
which they can enjoy and participate in.

We know our pledges won't resolve either the issue of anti-social behaviour or of bored children (I have three of them myself and know at times nothing cam get rid of the cries of 'I'm bored') but we also know that a responsible council should be positive in addressing those issues working with limited resources and realms of influence. This is what Labour aspires to do.

Your comments, as ever, are welcome.

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