Monday, 11 April 2011

An eyesore in Thringstone due to Conservative failings

Over the past few days I have been doing a lot of walking around the Thringstone electoral ward delivering election flyers.

One of the things that has shocked me, although I knew full well that it happened regularly, is how our local council allows public waste bins to overflow.

I even took some photographs of the problem, the four pictures below have all been taken in the past 24 hours around Thringstone.

Now, there is no doubt that the current Conservative administration have failed in this respect but things are rarely as simple as 'just empty the bins more regularly'. There are two things we must consider.

Firstly, there is some evidence that public waste bins are being used by people for the purposes of getting rid of household waste. This isn't what public waste bins are for and a Labour council will work with officers to do everything possible to stamp out this problem.

Secondly, the issue of overflowing public bins isn't just isolated to Thringstone but to the whole district. These bins are not only an eyesore for our residents but portray a bad image for anyone visiting our district.

One of the first actions of a Labour council will be to work closely with officers on implementing a more effective and responsive programme, within existing budgets, of public waste bin emptying to prevent overflowing bins in the future.

Your Labour candidates are passionate about making our village a more pleasant place to live and we will ensure that we take steps to address this unsightly problem.

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