Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Why Labour is the best choice for Thringstone

Last night North West Leicestershire District Council held its final meeting before the district council elections on May 5th.

As is usual with these things the meeting itself was fairly non-controversial and representatives from Labour, Conservative and BNP parties took the opportunity to thank officers and retiring members for their efforts over the past four years.

And now it is up to those seeking re-election, or standing anew, to go back to their wards and make the case as to why voters should trust them.

Whilst nominations do not close until next Monday I believe the time is right to outline why I believe Labour is the best choice for Thringstone and the whole district.

The key message from Labour is that we believe that we are the right choice in making the district a better place to live.

We are the right choice for putting the heart back into the local community.

We know that in North West Leicestershire previous Labour administrations didn't always get it right, just as we know that the current Conservative administration hasn't always got things right.

We don't see it as our place however within this election campaign to simply point out what others have done wrong.

It is our job to deliver a positive agenda for the next four years where we can say what we intend to do. What's more we are not precious about our aspirations for North West Leicestershire, we invite all political parties to join us in making the district a better place to live.

In Thringstone your Labour candidates understand that housing is a big issue, our aims are clear in what we envisage for villages such as Thringstone and Whitwick:

A Labour controlled council will pledge to enable villages, like Whitwick & Thringstone, to keep their identities in the face of future housing development by protecting our valuable green spaces.

Wherever possible we will seek to build new Council housing and will oppose any proposals to change council tenants security of tenure.

We will work with the voluntary sector in determining best use of Section 106 grants and other development levies.

We understand that the district council must lead on environmental issues. A safe and clean environment is a key priority for the whole district. If we are elected we will seek to:

Adopt a comprehensive programme for the regular emptying of public waste bins. We believe that no public bins should be allowed to overflow.

Crack down on domestic waste being deposited in public bins.

Labour will ensure that the existing resources of the council are used to promote healthy initiatives. We will liaise with every school in the district to develop and improve ‘walking buses’ and other healthy and environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Continue the good work of the current administration by taking a firm stance on un-licensed textile bag collections.

A Labour council will not tolerate environmental street crime. We will be proactive in the enforcement of littering and dog waste clearance.

Labour will campaign to ensure that all communities will have access to a range of children’s play facilities.

We will seek to lead in preserving local community transport schemes, acting as advocates and where possible providing funding to continued delivery.

Villages have been badly affected by the global recession and local factors. Although Thringstone is lucky to have excellent community groups, such as Friends of Thringstone, our village has been affected too.

A Labour council will seek to enable the economic regeneration of our smaller communities.

We will be advocates of our town centres and we will seek to ensure they are developed based on what our residents actually want.

We will work with local communities to protect and establish village pubs, shops and post offices and as Councillors we will seek to provide those businesses with our custom and promote them throughout the district and wider.

Most importantly, Dave Everitt and I will seek to represent the people of Thringstone to the best of our abilities.

Your comments and views, as ever, are welcome.

Your Labour council will ensure that any new development must include social and affordable housing, particularly in villages, in order to enable young people  and families to stay in the communities in which they grew up .

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