Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A startling lack of impartiality from NWLDC officers

I have just read Vision, the periodic magazine issued by North West Leicestershire District Council, and am astonished by its lack of impartiality.

In their publications local authorities are obliged to remain completely above party politics. Irrespective of the personal and private views of council officers they are supposed to ensure that anything which goes out from the authority remains free from political bias.

Yet, on page 3 of the March edition of Vision (issued only two months before the district council elections) officers have allowed a quote to be published from Conservative Council Leader, Richard Blunt saying 'We are planning to freeze Council tax for a further four years'.

Such a quote can in no way be judged to be impartial.

Noone knows what the outcome of the coming elections will be (or spending plans arising from them). Such a quote can only be made assuming that the current political administration will remain in power post May 5th and as such allows the Tories publicity of a political viewpoint, at the taxpayers expense, to every home in the district.

Allowing such a quote in the magazine is a grave error on the part of officers either as a result of a clerical error or, much worse, potentially bringing their political impartiality into question.

In my view all of the other political parties should be angered by this mistake and allowed a right of reply to Councillor Blunts comments, issued to all homes at the councils expense.

From a personal point of view I would hope that Labour would not take up such a right, rather seeking to save taxpayers money.

We do election campaigning at our own expense!

In a just world North West Leicestershire District Council should issue a full apology by media release to the electorate immediately for this mistake - I wonder if they will?


  1. Anonymous - I don't ever like to delete content but must do so if it is potentially litigious. Unfortunately therefore as your comment refers to a third party I have had to remove it. Of course, if any comments are verifiably sourced I will be more than happy to keep them up.

  2. Anonymous - if you would like to discuss this matter further don't hesitate to e-mail me.

  3. Does it matter so much with the document only being distributed to internal staff?

    1. Vision Magazine is delivered to all homes in the district.