Friday, 25 February 2011

A wonderful irony in the Coalville Times

Has anyone read the wonderfully ironic story in this weeks Coalville Times entitled 'Councillor stripped of his seat'?

In the short article the Coalville Times explains that after failing to turn up at the district council for SIX MONTHS Measham Councillor Jason Summerfield has been kicked off the council.

Obviously the newspaper wanted to pad out the story a little so decided to get a quote - from guess who?

Yes, that's right, Measham County Councillor Geraint Jones! Cllr Jones said that he was 'very, very upset' by the decision and wished the district council would have taken Mr Summerfields personal circumstances into account.

Now, two points:

1. If Mr Summerfield is suffering from difficult personal circumstances this is sad, however he also has a position representing the people of Measham and for the past six months he hasn't been doing this. Regrettably, the Council made the right decision in taking the decision they did.

2. Isn't it wonderful that the person they go to for comment is Councillor Jones who is only just coming back from a three month suspension from the County Council himself for allegedly bullying  staff?

In his case the standards committee found that Cllr Jones had sworn at council workers and threatened to get them the sack when he confronted them at roadworks near his home, he was forced to attend a training course on 'behavioural' issues as well as writing a letter of apology in addition to his ban.

To put it bluntly for three months this winter two out of the three elected Tory representatives of Measham were not doing their job, and sadly for whatever the reason that just isn't good enough.

I wonder if either of them will be standing for the district council come May 5th?

Source: Coalville Times 24/02/11; Leicester Mercury 04/09/10.


  1. Personally i find Clrr Jones to be a decent Cllr. Summerton's records is very poor having only won the by election (where i came 3rd) in June 2010. I once travelled back from Manchester for a parish council meeting so the excuse of working in somerset means nothing and i am sure the voters will tell the local tories that in May. I expect both tory seats to be lost in measham. Wayne

  2. Being a Councillor is a big responsibility which one goes into with ones eyes open. I honestly believe that whatever party you represent a councllor has a duty to the people that elected them and if they can't fulfil those duties they need to do the honourable thing.