Monday, 28 February 2011

Major hazard to pedestrians on Talbot Lane, Thringstone

Earlier today I went with my Labour colleagues Ray Woodward and Dave Everitt to meet some of the residents of Talbot Lane, Thringstone.

Those self same residents, and others, are blighted every day by a major road safety hazard.

You see, for approximately 400 yards there is absolutely no footpath on either side of this very busy and fast road.

To their credit Leicestershire County Council have taken some steps to alleviate the problem by installing raised cushions and road narrowing techniques along the road however, a significant proportion of motorists continue to ignore these measures putting pedestrians at risk.

Clearly there isn't enough room for a wide expanse of footpath alongside the road, however, a narrow single track pavement could be installed which would dramatically improve safety for those out walking.

I, along with my Labour colleagues, call on our local County Councillor Tony Gillard (Conservative) to make representations at County Hall  to review this situation as a matter of urgency.

Talbot Lane, Thringstone

With local residents and Labour Colleagues

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