Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Green Wedge Poll - The Results!

Just over a month ago now I started a poll on this blog to try and get peoples views on whether they think housing development should be allowed on the Green Wedge between Coalville and Whitwick (the notorious Stephensons Green development).

The poll has now closed and the results are not a surprise to me, or I venture to anyone else living around the affected area.

In short 40 people voted in the poll.

Of those 40, 10 people (25%) said 'Yes' building should be allowed. 1 person (3% rounded) said that they didn't know.  Whilst 29 people (72%) said, perhaps predictably, that 'No' building should not take place.

Now I would be the first to admit that a poll such as this is not representative - it is probably fair to say that most of my readers have similar views to me inasmuch as that I believe there shouldn't be development on the Green Wedge. Similarly the sample is relatively small, just 40 people.

However, on the other hand, the above 'problems' are perhaps good reason to take note of the poll.

Whilst I am proud of my 800 hits a month my blog is relative small fry and yet 40 people have taken the time and trouble to access it and vote to express their views. In the long run the poll means nothing to the planning application but people feel that they need to express their concern about the prospect of losing treasured green space.

Given this it could be argued strongly that there is a widespread feeling in the community that the vast majority of people are against development and that is definitely the reason why, if I am lucky enough to be elected in Thringstone ward on polling day, that I will be advocating strongly against granting planning permission for 'Stephensons Green'.

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  1. Keep up the good work - Think the blogs are brilliant and that's not just because I'm married to you! I'm very proud! Clare x