Saturday, 22 January 2011

I think I am being watched...

I feel that no matter where I go my youngest son is watching me...let me explain.

As you probably know I work for a community based charity in Coalville commonly known as The Marlene Reid Centre.

The centre does amazing work with socially excluded people around North West Leicestershire and to be able to deliver projects such as carers support or money advice we have to have community based revenue generating projects as well, one of those is our Little Dragons Den party venue.

Little Dragons Den is a fantastic soft-play and bouncy castle venue and is ideally suited for children from around two to six or seven. I know because my youngest son, Gabriel, had his birthday party there in November.

The only problem is that I agreed that the photographs we took could be used for marketing material.

It seems I now cannot move without a certain photo of him looking up at me...

It's everywhere. It's in flyers, magazines and now even as a six foot banner hanging in Coalville shopping centre. I just can't get away from him!!!!  Aaaarrrrggghhhh!

Now the simple facts are:

1. I love my son. He's very handsome - not unlike his father in many respects.

2. The purpose of this blog is clearly just to point out the Little Dragons Den is great if your young child has a birthday coming up. (Very reasonable prices, just call the centre on 01530 510515 to book.)

3. Please, just for 10 minutes can I feel like I'm not being watched....

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