Saturday, 29 January 2011

A good day canvassing

Boy, it was cold today...

this morning, along with a couple of my Labour colleagues, I was out canvassing for the upcoming District Council elections and the results were very promising.

Let me explain.

All political parties have access to the electoral register and use it to contact voters, either on the telephone or in person. The records from previous election campaigns record the declared voting intentions of the people we speak to.

It's fair to say that the feedback from the general election campaign wasn't very good but out on the doorsteps on this very bracing morning Thringstone people were being positive about Labour.

The sad fact is that people are very, very disappointed by the coalition government. Particularly the Lib-Dems.

I spoke to a number of concerned voters who told me that they had voted for Mr Clegg because they wanted a change from Labour and thought him to be honest (and that they could never vote for the Tories).

Invariably what they all went on to say is that not only did they get the government they didn't want (who are leading the country in the wrong way) but the thing that really got in their throat was the level of lies that Mr Clegg has told, particularly on the subject of student fees.

A couple of times people said to me that they always expect politicians to lie it's just that Mr Clegg has taken it to a whole new level.

The simple fact is that for some there is a lack of trust in politicians but Mr Clegg and his colleagues have taken that distrust to whole new low.

As I was told more than once it makes you realise just how things were better with Labour.


  1. Glad to hear that at least some people realise how they were duped.

  2. Great to hear that the two parties who have any chance of beating us are relatively dead in the water this time round. Thringstone is one of the safest Labour parts of NWL though; hopefully we'll see the same sentiment echoed in other areas.

  3. We can't be complacement Josh. Thringstone might be traditionally Labour but we can't take anything or anyone for granted. We need to give people a reason for voting Labour and that has to be that we will fight harder for the future of NWL than the others.