Saturday, 11 December 2010

Is this the answer to where the 'secretive' BNP conference is being held?

The BNP are holding their annual conference at a secret Leicestershire venue (according to the BBC news report).

And by a process of elimination I reckon I know where it is being held...

Take a look at the link below:

BBC News Report - BNP Annual Conference

Did you notice the distinctive pointed roofline of the conference centre venue?

Now take a look at the picture below:

So where is this hotel?

It's The Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel in Wigston Fields, Leicester.

Now, I could be completely wrong and this may not be the venue of the BNP Annual Conference, but they do appear to be the same venue don't they?

Unless The Stage Hotel can confirm that they are not the venue for this extreme right wing party hotel I for one know that in the future I won't be taking my business to this or any other Best Western venue.

Your views, as always, are welcome.

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