Thursday, 16 December 2010 haven't seen nothing yet!

When the Tory / Lib-Dem government announced it's austerity measures a few weeks back we knew there were going to be tough times ahead for ordinary working and middle class people.

Are you ready for the rollercoaster to start?

In a front page article today The Guardian has revealed that by 31 March next year (only 4 months away) the public sector will have made 100,000 job cuts.

Now, let us put to one side for a moment how each of those redundancies are going to affect ordinary families where the breadwinner gets their P45, although the impact on them will be dire.

Let us instead concentrate on the majority who will be affected by these cuts, the general public.

Those of a right wing disposition will tell you that there is enormous waste in the public sector. Whilst I accept there is some the simple fact remains that for 10 years the previous Labour government have been striving to implement 'cashable' efficiencies to reduce the cost of public services.

Can anyone really believe therefore that there are 100,000 non-jobs in the public sector?


As a result of these cuts we are going to see front line services used by all of us deteriorate and our quality of life be eroded.

We will see less police officers in our community, poorer education outcomes for our children, reductions in the operations offered by hospitals and cuts to council services.

Everyone in our communities will be affected.

And this isn't the end of it....

On 1st January we will see VAT increase to 20%. Everyone of us will be paying more tax on goods but because it is the same rate for everyone those with restricted incomes will be worse affected than the well off.

How fair is that?

The most excluded in our society will have massively diminished access to services and have to pay much more for that privilege.

The most galling thing about this whole situation is that it was not inevtiable but is purely ideological on the part of our government. Yes, a Labour government would have had to have made cuts - but on a much more progressive scale.

What we are seeing is Tories and Lib-Dems protecting themselves and their rich businessmen friends whilst the rest of us can face the troubles ahead alone.

A wise man once said that a society is measured on how it treats its weakest individuals. If that is the case the society that our new government is delivering isn't 'big' it's deplorable!

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