Monday, 20 December 2010

Coalition Government Lies

I read a rather wonderful article a couple of days ago.

The whole basis of the piece was to document the various 'lies' the coalition have told since they came to power (and you thought it was just the LibDems fibs about tuition fees).

Here is a list of some of those untruths...

  • In the election campaign the Tories denounced Labour for letting out 80,000 prisoners early and promised to 'increase prison capacity'. The reality - the government have announced the closing of up to 10 prisons.
  • In the election campaign the Tories said they would reduce the number of MP's by 10%. The LibDems said they would cut 20%. The reality - a cut of just 5% with no commensurate cut in ministerial pay.
  • In the campaign both coalition parties said they would introduce a right to recall unpopular MPs based upon local demand. The reality - the right to recall by local people has been dropped and replaced by the power being given to a small committee of members of parliament.
  • Neither of the two coalition parties offered a referendum on Alternative Vote, but we are getting one. However both parties, as well as Labour, said there would be a referendum on the European Union. It seems that this one has been quietly dropped.
Now are you ready for the best part?

The list didn't come out of The Guardian, New Statesman or some other left-wing tome.

No, the list is lifted from the bastion of conservative values The Spectator.

Isn't it coming to something when even your own people are highlighting your failings...

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