Friday, 5 November 2010

Blimey, teaching really is difficult...

I was talking to my two oldest children this morning and it finally struck home to me what a difficult job teaching really is and, more pertinently, just how much teachers must feel like they are banging their collective heads against brick walls.

Let me explain a little...

Every morning before I start work it is my job to take the children to their respective nurseries and schools. All in all from leaving home to dropping Regan and Roisin at school it takes me around thirty five minutes.

Invariably, each morning one of them will ask me a question about some issue or other which I will seek to expand on a little to give them some 'education'.

A couple of days ago, and after they had been watching the DVD of Hairspray, one of them asked me what 'Negro Day' was?

I explained, in what I thought was a very primary friendly style, that we don't use the word 'Negro' and then went on to discuss for an enlightening twenty minutes the words connotations with slavery and the general oppression of the African American in society.

I was so proud of myself in my liberal lefty way!

This morning, only two days later, I asked Regan to explain to Mummy why we don't use the word 'Negro' to which his response was 'I can't remember'.

So much for my teaching ability! When you try and disseminate anything to your children and later question them on it it makes you realise just how little they are taking in and how tough (and at times soul destroying) it must be to be a teacher.

This morning on the way to school we had a lesson on poppies and their symbolism in the context of the First World War (once again done as a result of a one sentence question).

I fear, however, the children might have been preoccupied with their game of 'Yellow Car' and punching each other. As a result I think that there is a real chance they may fail their test on Monday morning.

My lesson planning really must get better...

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