Saturday, 25 September 2010

I feel like I have accomplished an ambition!

How excited am I?

I have just taken the dog for a sunny but slightly chilly Saturday morning walk (and very nice it was too - the fields are just giving enough to walk on swiftly but not at that muddy state which we will get next month).

As usual I took my ipod and listened to yesterdays edition of the Mark Kermode film podcast on Radio 5.

Anyway, to cut a long story relatively short, I caught a few minutes of the live program yesterday when I was picking up the children from school. During my short period of listening I sent what I thought was a witty and informed text to the show when Mark and Simon were discussing an upcoming live recording at the Phoenix Cinema, Finchley.

Moving forward to this morning I was ecstatic when not only did Simon Mayo read out the text from 'Leon in Coalville', but the two gods of radio then went on to have a (very) brief discussion on the topic and gave me a second namecheck! I actually gave a small, and some would describe girly, scream of delight as I was walking along the footpath.

I cannot quantify just how much I enjoy the Kermode program and I feel like a long held ambition has been accomplished and as soon as I got home I made Clare listen to the excerpt three times.

Two things...

Firstly, I do understand how pathetic this makes me sound. Although I would strongly recommend the podcast to anyone who enjoys film.

Secondly, Clare has now banished me to my computer until I calm down...

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